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Gary Connery wingsuit landing into cardboard boxes photo - source facebook

Gary Connery makes perfect wingsuit landing

Congratulations Gary! This is simply an awesome stunt by stuntman and wingsuit pilot Gary Connery. Speak about slow flying, perfect setup and a timed stall just before impact into the humongous pile of cardboard boxes!

My friend posted this video as well on his blog which shows different angle:


Birdmen is a documentary film about the dream of human flight becoming reality

Honest and exceptional documentary on human wingsuit flight: “Birdmen: The Original Dream of Flight”

With the new release of the documentary “Birdmen: The Original Dream of Flight”, Team Thirteen have created an honest and exceptional view into the world of wingsuit base jumping. Matt Gerdes, Mike Steen, Ellen Brennan and Loic Jean-Albert share their world with all of us, and takes the viewer to the very edge of the cliff and beyond. I for sure felt like I was there, flying full speed past the steep landscapes, diving into canyons and cracks!

Evolution of wingsuit proximity flying

A documentary that stays true to the base jumping community in every sense. Unlike most other base jumping related documentaries shown on TV, where every third sentence contains words like death, if they make a small mistake, illegal or adrenalin junkies, this documentary takes us through the evolution of wingsuit skydiving to base jumping proximity flying. Matt, Mike and Ellen speak their minds and invites everyone along, invites everyone into their beautiful world of human flight.

Anticipation, Silence, Focus – the true feeling of the moment before stepping off the edge!

Having stood there on the edge myself many times (in a tracking suit), I can highly recommend one particular moment in this documentary. I enjoyed this a lot, and watched over and over again. I hope

Screendump from the moment - inching towards the edge

'BIRDMEN' is the first documentary ever made that covers the past, present, and possible future of the sport.

that this film can let any non-base jumper share just a tiny bit of this unique feeling. The section between 20:55 and 21:20 where the team inch their way to the exit point. Thanks for not having any voice-over or loud music in this section – this part, to me, truly portrays the unique feeling on the edge just before exit. This is part of what makes base jumping so special, where each jumper mentally prepares him- or herself, the silent focussed last few steps towards the edge…

Rent it or buy it – it’s really worth watching

Base jumper or non-base jumper. Pay the small rental fee and put it up on a big screen with volume set to LOUD!

Check out the trailer



Weather on the horison

Bremont Watches Stuntman Gary Connery postpones his cardboard box landing

Bremont Wingman postpones landing

Looking forward to May

Looks like Bremont supported Wing-stuntman Gary Connery’s wingsuit landing has been postponed. It was supposed to happen last week, but the pour british weather situation ruined the chances of a successful event.

I am hoping it will happen in May!

Not really sure what to think about it. Bremont is promoting it as a ‘wingsuit landing without a parachute’. But is a precision crash into a huge pile of ‘stuntman boxes’ at full flight really a landing?

Anyway, it sure is cool though! And for Gary this sure must give his stuntman career a nice push forward. Looking forward to seeing some spectacular video footage from multiple angles when he succeeds.


bremont watches wingman

bremont watches wingman

Here’s a youtube video from Gary’s training in the Swiss mountains.

Photos of Gary found at Bremont Chronometers website press release

you can also check out the full press release here