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Playing with Swing Spitfire 11 at Eagle’s Nest aka Øygardstølen

I had the opportunity to shoot a few photos of Matt and Jose when they were enjoying a few speedflying sessions with the Swing Spitfire 11 from Eagles Nest (which is located at the end of the norwegian Lysefjorden).

I will be looking to get some more photos of this fantastic flying machine in 2012, from the ground and in flight as well – so let me know if you are flying somewhere in Europe.

I finally got to fly myself this summer in Switzerland

I added a small sample from Trentemøllers ‘Snowflake’ – get the full song here:

Helicopter Boogie 2011 at Stavanger B.A.S.E. Klubb

The early Heliboogie at Stavanger B.A.S.E. Klubb 2011 offered some fantastic photo shooting opportunities. So stayed there for the first day of the boogie to watch the fun and games. Also this year the Probase Tracking competition was held at the Heliboogie. ooohhh another 11 minute video slideshow…

Happy smiling base jumpers summer 2011 in Norway

Every week at Kjerag in Norway new people show up to jump off the big walls of the magnificent place on earth. I have caught a few of these happy people here in this video slideshow. Yes I know it’s 10 minutes…but hey, just go full screen, lean back and enjoy!

Kjerag B.A.S.E. jumping – Moments captured 2011

Location: Lysebotn, Norway

Every day I try to learn more about photography. So I try to capture specific moments that protray the places or people that I meet on my travels. This is a 10 minute video I crated from the best moments of a week in June 2011 in wonderful Norway.