“Dam” Good Morning

I was travelling with my friend Nikolaj through Europe last summer. One sunny morning we came across this nice concrete structure. Luckily our rigs very already in slider down configuration :-).

Music is: Post Humous by Morcheeba – Get it here:

Lauterbrunnen Tracking Suit PhoenixFly full speed

Added a bunch of Base Jumping images to “Lean-back-and-enjoy-gallery”

Ok, so it’s time to get this site up and running. I just added a bund of base jumping related images to a full page gallery. These are images that I took the past few years in Norway and Switzerland.

check it out here –> CLICKY CLICKY

Wingsuit proximity flying a la carte Team Need 4 Speed

I will add more in-depth articles on people, teams, concepts, ideas. Normal everyday stuff that needs a little explaining, or simply just breathtaking stuff that speaks for itself.

Here is one good example of what articles could contain: Wingsuit proximity flying team that simply are unique and utterly breathtaking to watch in action.
Obviously this is just an example, full articles will be going into a lot more detail…

Check out more on Team Need 4 Speed at Phoenix-Fly.com

Two base jumpers in black business suits Kjerag Norway

Quick Gallery test blog post – Base jumping images

Ok, so here is the demo of the prettyPhoto quick gallery functionality. Hopefully this will be more SEO and HUMAN friendly and actually use the TITLE, ALT and CAPTION tags on each and every image.I will try to use the same base jumping images I already have in the WordPress media library, but seems pretty odd to make an actual gallery with that functionality without uploading the images once again…

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Adrenalin base Hybrid LD2

Images from Base Jumping Kjerag Norway

This is another demo article for the primary purpose of testing the new hosting partner speed…

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